a bounce to the moon

i lack sleep. simple to fix .sleep more, thing is i don’t want to.

yellow is a sickly bright color. its happy i detest that. content is more common. so happy is minimized. to zero. how about i write a book. “stupidity of the common day” truly wierd i google ‘stupid’ and i get 9,680,000 results

well now what i’m tired, irratated and what now do you want? a life biography . oh simple it all just happened. end. of funny sad story. okay. tom. morning is swim practice @ 6:30 am whoo fun wake a good half hour prior to this… then sleep some more in  A-blk no class there . i was narrowly lucky to have 2 blocks off a,and d.

yes then tell me that there’s a person waiting outside the library doors wearing a black ski mask and chainsaw in hand . oh absolutely funny to no end. wouldnt you want to know. or would you want to know how all this stuff makes sense. to the poor little brain. bird brains and bird guts .i like to eat ducks. very tasty. try it

wake up ppl. next sept. i’m gonna be outta here . treckin eastward. i am. ….


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