so where am I ?? lets see physical self is at cent. school ,…. mind isn’t present. but will find soon i hope. later. twitchy head. ducks whatever.  a good sleep is in order. eh . more tests ….

bored, bored as these days will ever be.

let the sleep come wont it?

then rise up, higher to the skies.

disappear to inexistence.

but will it continue, let it go

the tired yawn of today

and take the colors and dye

 it yellow in the mellowed dying sun

find my home, my sanctuary, my all

bequeathed to my arm

i carry the burdens of the yesteryear

my past, present, future

is my sufferance

it snatches my final breath

pass to the other place

which my heart so desire to venture

“The Fate To Death”





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