little box o mine

the previous weekend had been eventful. 

Sat. @ vancouver art museum for $.10 or 10 cents well whoop de do that s cheap for an entrance fee.

saw all the exhibits and the emily carr ones. how many pieces did she make anyway??  2nd floor was contempoary art, wierd in nature and appearance. 3rd floor had little to no change since my last visit. 4th floor was a big wow.

and i mean it. so see my last post to see it. the homeless shelters in japan.

after the museum. we walked around robsons . went to chinatown for pudding yum yum. and groceries.   went home . i made a scale model of the o yen house. i’m getting some more materials for a full sized version for practical use and it will be easily collapseable. if possible i could rig up a self sufficient electrical system via a solar panel. see i think greenish. or be enviromentally friendly.

i like architecture. arthur erickson is cool. his last exhibit at the van. art museum is a good educational experience. 

today’s a swim thingy. so luckily it wont interfere with my other activies. i need to sleep more. i’ll post my eng. crossgrade up later when i get it back.


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