blue skies to enlightenment

 whoop good-day , more or less no phoenix any more. s okay i’m somewhat overly happy about this change. less torture. and the ppl there are more geared towards my specialty group. ha. nice for me..

the wonderous sky has taken me to many places

more often than others is the pitfall dream. always has a trapdoor.. ie walk along path then BOOM fall thru a trap door then black. then i land on something squishy. still dark for a bit. torches light up, the vamp enters turns a vamp. wake .. oo so scary.

how about this: youve shrunk to the height of a pencil and mashi IMG_2396

yes him thinks youre food. (carrot) and starts to stalk down his prey. you scream and start running the hell away.

he caught you with his paws. he’s about to bite your head off and then you wake

funny/ or scary you tell me?

oh i’m also volunteerin for the choco festival.  got some free chocolate from that.



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