what would i have to do to make myself to change my mind of a decision.  its difficult.  and so is expression.  my mind is spagetti when chopped in half. but whilist in use i’ll dream something up.

for example last night i dreamt the end of another dream. still scary. but more than often i forget as soon as i wake.  tired as if i hadnt a sleep yet. so later i’ll be looking into some more out of school activities. an art class or two. tried crocheting but its quite the time consumer. cooking meals at home is troublesome for cleanup. due to lazyness. i’m unsure of where to go next. is it fine to be a fence sitter? i wonder if i just dissapear then things would become better.  i didnt choose to be born. but i suppose i’m here to look after my sibilings.  then again soon i’ll move east. so east that none will see me for the longest time. perhaps the rest of this lifetime. 

candied apples, licorice, and chocolate delights me

i’ve forgotten to make tea for today so i’ll be a bit drowsy.

look high and low never i’d be found , for its hidden in the shadows. 

so if whatever i type is cripticly difficult to comprend, think of it as bits and pieces of info.



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