i am carrot

i walked the path of life

among the living.

i fly the skies, letting myself be enveloped by the extatic feeling.

then my feet touch the ground.

 to take a move.

 partner unknownst to me.

 i dance.


the “sad tango’s” tune strikes up and my feet start to move of my own accord.

i’m content with this setting, the dance studio

the aderenilene flows through my thingertips

for the dance. just dance that’d be it

the beat has caught me to move

i walk away from what i’m sure of

whats pure enough to cure my heart.

that memory’s finished and its over. to repeat itself in suave sincere tones for the rest of eternity.


i search for what called me there

the room is empty and left is the present.

past memory is my only souvenir.

again is the broken little person in the middle of the floor

forgotten is she

left, left to wallow in her miserous spirit of the woman that was her.



its gone



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