whacka a mole to the mean lady

 so last friday i was walking my normal route home. i was carrying my workload plus my sister’s 3 billion ton bag which i hafta carry home for her. so painstakingly heavy.  then this wench about 30ish walks a colision path into me and blows up and yells at me for being in her way. you know she could be somewhat considerate. but heck no. she says “RESPECT YOUR ELDERS!!,” YES SHE YELLS.  that is really annoying. i step to the side and keep walking. lady storms off. something went drastically wrong in her day. 

    i keep walking home and i think up random comebacks:

  • ‘have a wonderful day old lady’
  • ‘please have consideration for others’
  • ‘i dont suck up to insanely stupid ppl’
  • ‘get some prozac and an electric chair’
  • ‘…list of degitory stuff goes …

whats below i dunno. looked funny.



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