never say goodbye

i refuse to say good bye to my adonis. whoop another nightmarish dream. in some waterfront world. this was some time into the future. there was some sort of competition for the head postition and i fought for it and won. fairly.  something about running fast in circles and this large playing card that i used to go downhill like the magic carpets little children use during winter snows. down the hills .n stuff. so i won and the card changed form to Adonis. mine. so then the antagonist big bad guy shows up. and i think sets  an electric serpent on adonis. real sad and it pissed me off. it kiled him. beat the crap out of the big old bad guy. i kill those others. but i’ve lost dear adonis. so i mourn and yell out to the world. then i wake its 8:15am whoop

sad just when it gets good. those ends suck. but what do you do. nothing at all. blood testing is later for me, saw a doc… joy.ful idiots. bite their heads off.


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