*blank stare*

eeh whats this i dunno. the sky is crushing my poor head so help me swim away. but slowly. too slow

bah .  bored .  complete other stuff.  i’d like to sleep. yea. sleep a wonderfun thing wierd. that i anwsered some english question sarcastically 6. what is the message in the classroom when daru returns.? i put (a thank you note?)

heh but the anwser was you turned in our brother, we’ll get you back.

blubble on that .okay?? last night i started another 23L  batch o wine. oooo alcohol. fun. not my thing. tart wine is quite the norm. for me .  dont get any pocky for the next while.  whenever i bus to school i always see the same driver. as usual. hey now i dont feel like thinking so its recap and sleep .. i contemplate giving my mashi some more carrot. isnt there a nice brick or a soft squishy place close to have a nap. i suppose not since this is pretty short of a time frame.  yip yap. glug .i refute the responsibility on the wall. i do speak gibberish.  bbblub = hi i’m bored and would rather sleep. …later more stuff to sort out..


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