sick and ..

so i became sick this past weekend most likely from the freezing water that makes me sneeze and the too spicy sat. night dinner. but what can you do. absolutely nothing. dummy. mashi ate 2 carrots and whatever.  i will bubble and complain. so i’m going to either transfer from 754 or quit and seek something else that will bring me what i want. that will finalize this coming wed. so thurs. i’ll let you know. so that priority is in limbo. stuck in a bizzare place not emerging until the opportune moment. but i will kick …

so to another subject i have succesfully completed NLS whoo. i wanna be a lifeuard. so fun. but i dont say. later on i will add to the list of activities to do currently i do cent. swim club. but will join wrestling in a bit and possibly business club. not in the best of mood aujourd’hui. let me sleep.


yo the book below is a good read. so blub you.


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