outta wack

so i havent updated in a bit. eh… reasons unknown.

what is that fish. oh little fish who sit on the wall, why fly down to me so i may catch you for tonite’s dinner.  but no, we’ll just swim away. and not be a dinner.  hey how do you live? fish says ‘??’ like what i dont speak fish.  the fish flops over and dies anyway. so i never understood fish language.  how about duck language. they use a variety of honks, hissing, squeaks.and as such.  i tried to talk to the big goose bit it nipped me.. that hurt so i gave up trying to talk to ducks.  so i’d like to speak to some sort of animal. whats wrong with that?  perfectly normal activity. isnt it. btw. quebec ducks are mean.  they swarm for the breadcrumbs i gave them so eh… finally there’s something to communicate with a bunny not just any one but mashi. he runs away.  oh how sad now just when it gets to the good part. kay what…is chicken in wierd terms it means any kind of meat for my family. so whats your definition for chicken. ?? do tell. then i post more pic of garden and mashi. TT  sappy fishies .  tell a yarn a long old yarn.  lets see isnt there a fishmarket near. i could sell that dead fish i got earlier there.



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