frozen to bid adeu

   i’ve broken my ties and kept a solitary one.  i will yearn and serch for the new haven.  broken by the old life that created the empty shell of now.  unconsciously the scent and promise of chocolate engulfs me. but it will only be for the chocolate itself nothing more.  in that miniscule hovel i suffered, forms of misery that i’d rather not discuss.  however i arose changed forever more, nolonger the shy hidden child but different.  my indirection is the same going the wrong direction, backwards.  on sunday old rivalry struck and fell to inexistence.  i do hold memory but fuzzily.  then again i forget.  Saturday i used my morning biking one full loop around stanley park i put some pic’s up later. gone gone gone is the canards in their flight to the warmth of tomorrow.  when will we see them again?  dead is the falling leaves to the grace lost in their withering.  how’d one want to know the bizzare inset of the dials clicking in the mind.  i wouldnt know so dissect someting try an apple pie. i baked two last sat.

anyhow later





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