Not so enjoyable music assignment

die tenschen murier- alba

ha not fun but boom equals headaches. bye bye ducks oww dunno whatever. i think opera so garou is much better to listen to francophone music.  we go t o someplace wherever when ? i dunno  eek goes a mouse “i want cheese, so leave me alone” to hell.  duck tell me chickens can burn lunch in erdon.  mashi and my forgetfulness to feed him so i’ll give him a fan-shui upon my retour home.  when i dream i wake for the worse.  okay my bunny he has the broom. (inside joke je nous n’explique pas)  its wonderful that he dont talk or make any loud noises.  i see millions of pixels and colors.  o_o haha canary creams for you, just grow me some feathers.  traite you ate my cookie so you’ll pay dearly with more cookies.  the traite is a biter, so it’ll flop dead


sapphire yeux -serena ____? maneesh?

in limbo with fate.  i’m already dead so can i fly now?  what did i do now? i just shot a duck and roasted it. and it tasted soo good.  the more it squeeks like other..  not really my taste of music but onthe bottom of this page is a window and that window is a compilation of some of my fav. music.  the music in class is going to make me deaf.. so what i resist to use the music provided but i imagine the music in my mind’s inset. ie. drill itunes into your tete. illegible and incoherent is the noise/ bruit. so i’ll get into some sort of trouble. whadah””” is this bing bang bong goes a clock on my wall youre a wally. i see oranges rolling whatever.  so whats a soap opera.?? its a story of events thats incoherrent. to us normal ppl go watch Tokyo Julliet a taiwanese drama. it has wierd charicters and pokes fun at korean dramas.  one even has a punch line of “ciao ma bella/ <hello my beautiful>.” my italian is bad i never learned that language formally.  bite the duck.  i type faster than writing gibberish.  later a dying radio sounds like catfish.


Indra- theievey corperation <cello>


cello so the stage is set. i enter in periwinke robes, my wand in hand. i begin to cast various enchantments, it has begun the haunting melodies sound. the end of the races start to fall to their extinction given are their cries of earnest sorrow.  all stops frozen in time.  it advanced too fast. i was unable to handle the world’s sorrows.  gone is the planet the injustice of it all.  i shouldnt be here,  be inexistant to find a place.  suffering will happen if i continue and i will press foreward.  the world will be broken if i go to be .


in class i’d suggest francophone music at times much more emotions are expressed through. its time again. goodbye.


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