i’m lost for words.  i know what i have to do. break myself away from the known place of painful memories.  over  a year i’ve suffered in that pit.  taken my identity assimilated me to a faceless person leaving my hollow empty shell.  so i’m inapt to deal with this hell i’ll move to another place and hope. but hope is such a small word with little meaning to me. could i be moving from one bad situation to a worser one? i truly dont know. i do feel sad most of the time but i push them away for more important matters.   send me to lac st-jean or hk even i’d be happier and better off w/o this stuff.  it’s very complicated to explain. try typing anger

ie. loigdfvnorogrgooeioprjmfachee

quick and effective saw the news yesterday afternoon a shooting in a cegep. not fun

provided are some random sketches.



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