i write bricks arent they many colors? commonly red.  so uses for a brick:

  • making walls look nice
  • a handy weapon in a handbag used to subdue any attackers
  • contruction material used to construct architectial figures

other uses i dunno.  its fake and annoying thing what am i? a decor plant.  wierd fact, if im reading something i tend to fall asleep. maybe its due to a bedtime story habit when i was a kid.  read a bit from a book then doze off.  normal for me.  found a nice taiwanese soap its called Tokyo Julliet.  today is cadet night o.o  i dread those now cuz of the uniform thing.  i now rather sleep or play games.  heh avoidance is good also. coming up i have some testing on the 3rd weekend of this month. so i probally wont go to the cadet leadership thingy, yay me! babbling day is now september 13th of each year my new holiday.

todays snack is rice cracker. it looks similar to whats below.




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