A bright day blue crayon skies, the mild breezes. Two young girls having a calm sit, just pondering about life and unrelated things like when’s the next one going to bite? Or we catch another one? This came from the whimsical you just have to go fish when camping quite the cliché. The bucket on the edge of the dock has seven or more catfish from earlier catches. The girl in blue (Sasha) watches with care her fishing line for the bites and nibbles like the tugging on a dog leash from the amid escape artist hopeful.

Jojo on the other hand observes her older sibling captivatingly to her own delights. Another fish had taken their bait forcefully. She considered the possibility of a fish roast for later but nah, killin’ those little fishies would be too mean, then they don’t grow very big picturing a killer whale in her mind’s eye. “Sa we set em free after? Right?”

“Of course stupid,” Sasha reeled in another fish “ Got another one!” she brandished her new fish by adding it to the already crowded bucket. “Jo if we got ten bucks for every fish in this bucket we’d be billionaires you know.”

“what, really? Then I could buy a whole dump truck full-o pocky” Jojo retorts, a tone of plot underlay the manner of her words.

“Eh? That much? Keep dreaming, just dream.”



this is a writing assignment i might make some changes later so have a read.


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