my philosophie

 whats me?

spinning round in circles, i’m puzzled and something hits me square in my face.  its realization of insanity.  it has already consumed me.  how is this continuing.  a one track lifeline, no second life visible for the strech of miles.  my vision blurs, i’m blind wandering in useless circles.  unknowningstly i fell into my own abyss of dark and miserable memories.  then the occasional day the tears are let loose.  they are precious shouldnt i not let others see my weak and dying sides. i suppose not. i’ll force a living will into this body. i must conquer. and i refuse to back down.  my enemy is known and unknown to me. the world will spin and stop just enough to deterr me from my way. fast hell descends to me i’ve fell from grace.  trapped little bird am i. no i evolve to the phoenix firebird and take what is mine. my freedom. and some limits .  eh wierd..o

i feel sleepy 24/7 so lassiez-faire. like the stone that drops in a pond and is left undisturbed until the weary human boots it elsewhere. heh.. mashi does the escape dance. bye bye little pom poms apples i hafta munch.

reverse pocky is todays snack but is not to be eaten in the library. so its inside by english binder. eat when i return to class. bout time … LAter canard.





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