no fishes slamming to the face


gr12 morn assembly flat enthusium..

mashi escapade last week. so i left my bunny outside then had to take him in. due to litttle sis. i’m chasing after mashi , he evades me and runs under the gate to the road.  now this is getting stupid i tell myself.  how the … am i going to catch this loose baby? try a good half hour of playing hop-around-the-world for a change.  not fun he sat for a good fat five minutes under the neibour’s car , hopped across the road to aunt May’s backyard under the hedge to dig a hole there.  it even goes on run, run, run, stop hide someplace……. gaa. took real long.

how fun of this puny escape artist.  if someone is nice enough get me a pack of fimo for me. so i can make bubbles. fimo has the consistency of play dough, and is commonly used to make dinosaurs and as such play jewelry.  Later baked at 350 deg. for 25 mins. then bam you’ve got fimo. 

Jonquere was plenty of boredom the first few weeks when i was just starting to acclimatize to quebecy life. with the speeding and seeing fries everyday.  some things more fun than having to walk one weekend 45+ mins to get to the closest timhortons but bah. didnt really care that i picked a tiny town to learn french in. hey later then…hahaha. too lazy ….see mashi soon.


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