jumping to conclusions with cucumber

   so kong thinks i’m on some drug called “crack”. 

i say nooo. the more adequate term is just ate lunch and still sugar high… kay.  solves da problem.  news flash i get exercise by:

  • jumping to conclusions (o.o fun a nice hop)
  • flying off the handle (does include violent acts of happyness / if that exists)
  • running my mouth (whatever that is i dunno)
  • kicking my friends in the ass (too lazy to do that too)
  • dodging responsibilities (ie. not wearing uniform to cadets deliberately)
  • pushing my luck (all the time)

more or less thats from a funny sign i saw in quebec city funny to me so post pic later…  now i listen to the music from the korean drama “My girl” very funny look it up on youtube.  Sea cucumber is cool to poke fun at cuz its pinkish with spiky bits all over and if poked it will wiggle like jello. heh. but scuba diving is needed to do poking. 

so see below thats about what i saw okay..



so ppl get your open water diver thingy and lets go sea cucumber poking!

4 eh. i wish..  still sleepy

hi mashi you are a grey dwarf bunny, cute and fluffy as he’d better always be. wild and free once set about the back garden.  always a biting one he’ll be. never with complaint cuz u dont talk, but pounce and bite. always be my bunny mashi maro.



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