i want out

can a duck be annoying, hell yes it can.

then we’ll shoot it right out of the nest then. therefore violence as dependly used is a tool to solve one’s dilemas. o.o the troubles the angst, and sheer stupidity of you yes you i say. behind your back i laugh and mock.  what you going at btw.  peux-etre you’re as ennuant as to first judgement , plenty of prejudice there.  but whats there to do, tell me? DUMB FISH sry cap lock . heh.. i like ranting crypticly. ishy.  how’s aujourd’hui? -a bore and i wish to be home.  how am i going to survive this crappy shock back to reality? i just dont know hustion. there are lots of problems. ie. bunny still dont get over violence problem. that sucks. i live kay… joy to mashi he’s real fluffy. i casatrated his head. and made a pair of gloves.  yayy… cadets today aussi. knowing some french will help here.  tabernac….. tu me manque fachee… mind the spelling mistakes

dizzy head it floats okay. dummy, i yell bloody murder.  whats this its driving me fou./c.r.a.z.y. good movie even though i watched it en francais no subtitles.  will murder all in good time so watch your backs..

post second. edu. either quebec or HK university… either is okay…..

i do bite when provoked. hate is too strong of a word so in lieu dislike is more appropiate….  cette annee la je pense (sans de problems) besides occasional idiot screaming head off. ou viens tu? je ne sais pas. plus tard i will start some book a propos hitler.  war is fun to look up.

need more photo album pages because had copious amt. of them printed  say 150 / 800 pics thats a lot well thats just from quebec. forgot a calculator today , i doubt that will hinder me. XP bakas…

shoot me a squirrel and i’ll be happy. good day ennuyants.






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