back home wahh…

so i’m home now and kinda bored. cuz there’s plenty to do.. like volunteer at little sister’s swim competition for regionals. well duh it will start really early in the morning around 6am.
long to do list:
– clean room was left in disaster and has multiplied into a castosphie.
– work on portfolio for extra marks for highschool credits.
– find more music to listen to ie. classic francophone, anglais music … list lengthens … forever
– iffy but change some courses cuz i think my current one wont work so well
– when september hits revert to total nerd mode. and do sports on side to stay focused and keep at a steady conscience.
– not go too crazy…
– have more miso soup. yummy.

whata else dont i do?? dunno
mashi is wif me now but he’s more the less the same. angry and attacking in stalker like fashions..
nahhya… later ppl


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