soo today was free nuthin obiligatoaire in sight. wake up get the heck out. walk enough to kill urself.  but is ok. .. tomorow will post more pic`s from sat`s trip. ton of water is my opinion but the site is very generic to other tourist traps not much diffrent than the trap in burnaby.   duh wif the stupid fun carosel and the oldies town. saw a bunch of stuff.  found the skateboard park. turned into a cat well not yet., but i feel as one needing tons of sleep n food. sugar is still nice but i`m getting immune to the stuff. mag as well know today there had been a bought of suddden rain showers wif no warning at all very stupid then again i woundnt of found that suduku game,. heh nooo cadet stuff this summah..  dumm de dum no mail yet but in 19 days i`m going to haf my 17 th b-day well…. a bit impatient but 16 is a  nice even square number of an age … tbd demain  


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