Farewell to BC

so today im leaving home for a five week french immersion program in quebec.
so mail me at:

Dawn Stickings
Centre linguistique
Collège de Jonquière
2505, rue St-Hubert
Jonquière (Québec)
G7X 7W2

so i’d want some mail around july 28 for 17th b-day reasons …
see you ppl around later in august.
cya o_O


3 thoughts on “Farewell to BC

  1. um um ! i am in 754.. band. =D i’ll mail you!!! happy early birthday!! although i don’t know you very well… if you recieve mail from some wierdooo it is probably me… 0___0

  2. GUH sorry.. i jus tremember hwat i was going to say.. !! i think my sister went to quebec for the student thingy tooo lawl and she stayed in a dorm or something =D

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