to quebec i go ..
so i’m leaving canada day and flying all the way to montreal then its a bus all the way to jonquere. some city that has a supposed more old french speaking comunity. five week thingy bloody well should survive that. cant be worse than AIC last summer..
i believe it is stupid for people to wallow in their own self pity. sit on the past, not advancing. but something is going to wham them in the head sometime. perhaps a jog to reality.
oh i’m feel like sleeping in every morn. but obligations prevail. Soon for a bit of this month i’ll teach some kids english.

tom.. stupid cadets… another swim night due to my request. no uni’s its at the CCAC. feh. like any sucker would wanna know. (Paul calls annoy=saggy balls)

hey two provincials this year. one French12 and Socials11. how fun
french has a bunch of compositions and its %40 of my grade . kinda sucks . what cna i really complain about??

Swimming is going to take a blow, cuz i take off really early in the season and plus i cant compete.

Also i want to mention A HAPPY 12th BIRTHDAY to my youngest sister Jo.

she picked a betty boop ice cream cake. lucky her i havent celebrated my birthday for who knows how long. last year i recieved a card and a note stating that she wiped the computer’s memory clean. i dun know how she did that…

This year i got an award for the top marks in marketing11 so i’m a nerd now.. wow how fun. mabye its because most like to skip classes besides me .i dun do that.

how about i try not to sleep in maths tom.
night ppl
XD i fall over an sleep


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  1. mm..whoa nerdy dawn!!!never knew y are u going to quebec again?!well say happi bday to jo for me!!!um…have a safe trip if u dont’ reply!!btw do uhave msn or msthin?gimme it!

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