ha next sunday i go learn how to scuba so whoo under water breathing fun and some eye candy….

baked egg tarts and choc. chip muffins yesterday, forgot where i put my aic water bottle, got happy because my potato patch is growing really fast now lotsof leaves  and stuff beans hafta plant some squash soon

If cadets say i can go staff, well i cant anymore cuz i got the french 5 week explore program in Quebec in Jonquere northern Quebec. Rather learn stuff. try staff next yr. or not 1 more yr of cadets left then gone yes!! outta there no more drill but the command part is kinda fun. 

swimming schedue sux 2 morn. practices now! and they moved all afternoon ones 30mins earlier to 3:15 to be there. wud thats not good for my timings to get there you know stupids…… (i express my anger here so nahaaaah. blub)

well that will be the only pic of me here so i’m in the yellow ed’s in black

just before tri pic….

sumthing died there…..


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