LOng booringly fun road trip

my family wants to drop me off by taking a really long cross canada road trip to ontario.
kinda nutters but maybe some fun
How long does it take to drive from Vancouver to about toronto??
i wonder..
i dun know soo.
still wanna fly instead.
much quicker 5hr flight than say 5days of travel kay
bunny played escape artist again..
ran two homes over before being caught by a nice neibour and returned to us.
really funny that mashi escapesHAHHA. blubb.
still feel unable to do butterfly properly i think its an imitation of a gigantic killer whale.
kick and arms bit outta synch. i have swimsuit tan besides being a duck.
i bought a bag of apples and one ripe bananna. i cant eat bannanas but my siblings can. too mushy blech…

dreamt that i was hurt by sombody , then L8r during day i did get hurt , more scratches on arms. but hey they’ll heal up.

Sad, no icecream in freezer. cries… wah no comfort food, lasagna was eaten too so had yummy asparagus yummy.

oh yeah the garden potatoes have sprouted leaves, beans well on the way, herbs have popped up (well most) planted some more potatoes last week-end, soo should have a good crop this year will hafta harvest in late august. but of wait and weeding to do. some hobby this turns to be.

baka acr is next sat and i hafta do baka display board on physical fitness and sensible living. joy soo much fun. i’d shoot it dead if it came back to haunt me. so beware i am still a bit violent in my thinking if annoyed enough. ie. friday last class of day marketing stupids in back goof off through all E blk. make me angry. start to think of nice way (s) to rid of the pesky bugs. ie. throw chair/brick, shoot in head, complain loudly,…… so bolt home after that. pick sis up from middle school. get home bike to swim practice, do stuff and bike home now go sleep. how very wonderful , i dun like to sleep stupid random ppl that pop up. annoys the heck outta me, night leeches and blood suckers.


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